Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Renuar winter 2013-2014 fashion show ♥

Monday morning Aug 5 , 9: 30 in the morning ,
Location : Tel –Aviv convention center , HALL  1
Presenting winter 2013-2014 collection ,

it was the most professional we have ever done .
As a working mom in that profession – Head men designer , it was about time to take the girls  along ,
Yes it were there first fashion show  , the best fashion show ever , it is so amazing to see and feel it all through their pure ,fresh ,naïve point of view .
The back stage a huge playground , so see how the preparation for the show , hair ,make up and the dressing setup left them standing without words , the men and women models are like a queens and kings walking their way to  greatness ,

Cheyenne almost 9 year , and Rio 7 year , said it was fun and stressful in the same berth , they were happy to see their mom on the cat walk , that the highlight  .

I will keep you posted and will advise the future to come .  

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