Sunday, July 28, 2013

String art = ♥

My less is more (more or less) was my first project, and the get to know the string art would ,boy i was drawn to it ,
I couldn't stop thinking of what to do next ,
Stars are my most loved shape and meaning (A star is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity)
Which means naturally will be my second project ,a Threesome set for shooting stars ,the background was painted in seagrass color ,the tread in golden color ,for reaching the majestic effect .
This threesome can be hang on wall in any wanted position.
The result was stunning ,had to do other versions of them stars ,and so i did , and still am ,,,,

My third project was to use wise words ,
Such as :Think happy Be happy ,
For that one i painted the background of pine tree 40x40cm peace in math black color (i thought of chalkboard ) and used white thread for the work .
The result was amazing ,normally I'm not using black color ,but is shows that with the right combination it can be marvelous.

The next one was : Made to Last 
Is the thing with handmade it has more value than all industrial and readymade such as all china products . 
Handmade has soul in them and when done good can last for lifetime .
In this case i used natural sand mate color as background ,and silver goodish kind of yarn for the thread ,you wont believe but i found this real cooper nails brought all the way from Morocco ,over the Shoemaker in Kiryar Gat ,such a kind person ,i thank you .


I wonder what do i do next ,,,,

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