Saturday, October 12, 2013

Macrame madness

It is my new obsession , cant stop thinking and wondering about it , 
Well it stated with the plants hangers that i was looking for for some time now ,
And as most things i want , it's hard to come by ,since it is Israel and not the us:) .
Anyway for that i have the Pinterest and    A little of hand skills ,
So i started learning all about it , macrame is like magic it put me under it's spell , so i learned from the net how to do the knots ,it is the basics and then started to play with the yarn till i was happy with the result.

 My inspiration is always mixture of modern and vintage ,the clean look with the heart of age history and knowledge to it .

The green plants always look the bet to me with white background !
It brings the green stand out .bring  Fresh and outdoor touches indoor . 

This will be the start of my Plant hanging Macrame collection , wish me best of luck .

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