Saturday, October 20, 2012

New home at the Kokhav

Hey there, yes we've moved to our new house,
Little House in the Prairie as i name it ,the Transition were exciting and hard at the same time.Transition from city to town is not simple, it is actually a lifestyle replacing ,The kids all tree of them adapted at once, they got new friends, abandoned the TV and the computer and out into the yard, for me it means the world ! Ofer My love and I feel as a vacation in this magical guesthouse,
It's pretty says it all.
We still have a lot of interior design work to be done,however that's the fun part of the story. Here some pictures from our home atmosphere.
What do you think?



  1. Beautiful!
    I saw the picture of the clock at Karen Shavit's blog & immediately fell in love with him.
    Can I ask where did you find this beauty??... :)

  2. ליטל היקרה ,
    השעון הקסום הזה נקנה בשוק הפשפשים לפני כשנתיים ,הוא שופץ ע״י ומאז הוא איתנו ,הוא היה סוג של קו מנחה בבית החדש שלנו .
    תודה שהשארת תגובה