Friday, October 26, 2012

Heads by order

Just wanted to share the last made by order heads ,
one was made for Noa birthday age 8 , for her bedroom , the request was shades of pink Unicorn :
this is it Pinky the Unicorn -

the sacond was orderd by Illill Ziv for her upcoming birthday , the request was yellow frame in small size ,( normally i the complete product is 50x40cm ) , this one were made 38x30cm ,
must edmit i fell for that size it is sweet and uniqe at the same time ,
what made it even better that Illill loved it as well :) , thank you for that opportunity :)

the third was orderd by Sharon for her girls room , she chose unicorn head in soft pastel colors
Amazing how fast you can fall in love with it .

i'm working on new color combinations will publish soon , good weekend to all ♥

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