Friday, May 25, 2012

The clips This week

Special celebratory week, both following the introduction of two clips of a lifetime,
This one revolves around my day job -  Renuar Man, and other by Karen Shavit that launched her Baby Galabyia line , photography and editing of the most talented lian Munin.
 The parallel between the mega commercial, large Advertising office management (Avraham) and a nicely financial budget .
Compared to production without a financial budget at all but with talent and creativity stands out,
with a dream but a random location, and much more ...
Clearly, between the two does not really compare, the heart will set!
 Would love you to expect two and express an opinion I'm just too biased,
For every one I have a small part of action
Happy white, delicious and magical Shavuot  .


Baby Galabiya by Karen Shavit

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