Monday, March 19, 2012

The house's collection

Well it is common knowledge that I'm in a process of building the Gillan family dream house.

So the idea of house cushions were natural feel to it. the mix and match of fabrics plus the windows and door application and embroidery on top of it ,made each house look different and uniqe.the Keren's way of doing things !

It is with spring feel ,blessing of Health and prosper .

I wish all of us to be living in no less than our dream house. we need to make the most of life has to offer us .each day as if it was the last, please make the most of it !

Anyway here are some of my house's collection .hope you'll love them as I do ♥♥♥
The house's and I will be at Collage Sale  – Kadima spring  with the legend Keren Shavit ,this month 30 and 31 of march .

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