Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crochet vase cover + pompon flowers

I've been planning to write this post for some time now , simply had lots and lots of things to get done at all of my life aspects ,renuar my day job ,my kids, our in progress house and getting ready for the Keren Shavit collage sale this upcoming weekend.
Well this idea of pompon flower vase came up at family day when Cheyenne teacher came for a visit and brought us a present IKEA vase with plastic flowers in it . Right then I know that from this plain and yet simple I can bring it to magic and spring feel to it.

I started to work with it and the result is perfection.

For that project I used no 3 hook and yarn to match it .
This is the diagram that I have done for you to try at home .it's simple and rewarding at the end .total raws 21.

total 21 raw  

At the end you'll have to clean the tread that were left at start and end edge.

Now you can slip it on top of that IKEA vase .now to the flowers the steam is collected at the park and been reuse . Make two pompon each with her favorite colors and size .once you done use hot glue gun to attach the pompon to the piece of wood that you got before

Ta da you have a crochet cover vase with pompon flower

Please try it and sheer some photos ,I would love to see each combination.Hope you'll enjoy making

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  1. Thank you! you are sooo kind!
    Good luck at the collage sale :)