Saturday, January 14, 2012

One week in Brief.

This week began with good taste left from the sale on Friday with Karen Shavit.
Saturday - Wake up to reality. Thieves broke into our home. Removed the frets of the window and entered them with determination, looking for what?
The house we found one big chaos.

Sunday the busiest day of the week. Meeting, conclusions, and ongoing work. Afternoon classes for children ...

Monday a trip to Turkey, I do not really remember how many times I flew to Istanbul,The Grand Bazaar has yet seen, only establishments fabrics, yarns, colors ...

Retro kids Mercedes at knit factory show room

Istanbul Duty free

Wednesday-  back to a full day of perfection and a Funeral, my father's brother.  at night - Zappa Renuar event . With a performance of Avi Singolda and some new singers most surprising and promising.

Thursday- work , kids classes , pouring rain, and some quality time with friend.

Friday - Netanya - Choose the color of wood floors. For the house making at the background.
At last Some knitting ...

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