Monday, January 16, 2012

Home - in progress

front door

front door

view from the living room
 Our dream home is getting along ,these days the roof is about to dry off ,and soon the structure will be done , by now it is pretty clear where each room is going to be ,well yes with a little help of our imagination friend of course .

So now to the real work that I'm a head, start ordering all the indoor matter.

The floor is a huge big of a deal ,there is so many things to take under consideration ,and when you ask around each has its own reasons why to choose one type over the other ,,,

I'v been thinking a lot ,taking all my reasons such as kids ,dog, cat and myself ,still could not decide what is the best for my house ,at last I followed my heart and dream ,wooden floor !

Wooden floor represent warmth, country side, cabin in the woods,cosy,family,and simplicity.

There are all sorts of wood floors one can't believe such luxuriance, after checking and learning I went for real oak floor that goes through aging and color wash treatment, kind that looks as if I would love to look at all day. The best company that I find for that order was ofir line, tolerant with high customer service awareness, credibility and perfection.
Which really care for you as individual and listen and replay to all of the questions.
This is the chosen one , will post more photos after installation .hope that it will be all I'm dreaming of and more .

chosen wooden floor.

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