Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Julio and me

Last night was one of those rare performances, romantic, the most magical I was in my life.
It was a birthday present , one of the best ever. It's amazing how much warmth and vitality have love one man.
Julio is one of the few classical singers still active in their advanced age.

Latin, tango, three-piece suit with white shirt and black tie, his hair slicked back, three background singers and a band carefully selected the best from around the globe.
For me it was like a quality black and white film.

Where are the days that everything was naive, romantic, and different.

Happy birthday ♥

All of you, your body and soul

Everything you want this love to be

I want all of you

All that you can give

And in return for all your giving

Let me give you all of me

1 comment:

  1. אני מתה על חוליו!
    יש לי תקליטים, זה פסקול הילדות שלי אצל סבא וסבתא