Monday, December 12, 2011

Few words on ha and da ..

This week has been so long and yet so busy .
Between day work ,kids (Hanukah parties ;dance classes; birthdays; school ….)and my quality time I could barely catch My breath .

Winter seams to take a brake and my backyard is packed with clubs all over ,they are so wild and pretty .

work in progress

My house is proceeding now after having some problems ♥ so that’s nice .it's coming along now!
love the river-bar rest brown bag dont'you ?

This week I had a lot of self talks about the passing year ,and resolution for the next. Yes I'm pretty satisfied with the things I accomplished the past year ,but still I have many more dreams that I would like to fulfill . as I learned the sky are the limit and each need to set his goals and strive hard for them .

I wish to move forwards at all times , although sometimes it does not look like it .

Today I'm going to watch Julio Iglesias ♥ show ….can't wait ! will shaer it with you later on …i promise .
I would like to end with this poam enjoy .

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