Friday, December 2, 2011

Black & White and Everything in Between

This unicorn was created especialy for Eldad. My dear friend, actually my only male friend, except my husband Ofer.
Eldad renew his living room every two years, and I'm glad to say I take part of it every single time .
It is One of the things I love best doing - choose designs, colors,composition and new ideas.
Eldad  joined me last friday to the Keren Shavit collag'e sale and during that day it was crystal clear that he needed the magic of Unicorn to the new space .

This is the result : Hello Rodrigo (Eldad always give names to things) an issue that I really like myself.

I believe when one gives a name it should be with a good thought ,since names carry a meaning each has its own power, vibe, vision and a lot beyond ....

1 comment:

  1. Gray is one of my favorite color & the design is perfect! love the tree, the frame pictures, the silver candlestick & of course the Unicorn that gives the room a really nice & masculine touch :)