Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tel-Aviv 1st Fashion week- Up and coming

Exciting and happy to tell that unusual event began in Tel- Aviv this week. The Israeli Fashion Week.

I remember myself as a student at Shenkar fantasize about such an event. And here with a lot of tolerance, that's really going on these days. Starting on Monday through Thursday.Every day of the views uploaded talented local designers, and I'm also proud to say that quite a lot of them are.
Today I visited one of the most important view, promising young designer competition.
The award is to design a capsule collection Renuar.
I was glad to sit in the audience to watch and hope that the one that I will preffer will be the chosen one .
That it will be fun working with .

And yes Israel Ohayon was chosen .he was my first and almost only option. Glad to discover that the judging panel thought alike too.

I especially liked the choice of materials, cuts, stitching and concept.

Time will tell ... Worth following.

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  1. ישבנו באותו האזור :-)
    צילומים נהדרים!