Monday, August 1, 2011

Yellow collor - The color !

"Yellow is the new pink. Yellow is going to be a dominant colour for the next 13 years.”
- Li Edelkoort, trend forecaster.

"Yellow is now taking a key place in the seasonal palette, moving on from citrus and lime overtones to hues that are warmer and more invigorating. The glow of sun rays, pineapple, amber and gold injects confidence and vibrancy. Yellow is quite definitely seen as a focus colour for the seasons ahead."
- Denise Ford Studio, textile and colour consultancy, July 1 2011

"In most cultures, yellow remains a colour associated with light and sunshine. It's a colour that can be seen from a long way away and which seems warm and constantly in motion, like the bright yellow tennis balls that fly across courts all over the world."
-Michel Pastoureau, colour specialist.

love it !

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