Wednesday, July 27, 2011

O My Dear - Happy and Funny

Meet Happy :

Name of the game is fabric combination that makes me happy /
because I work in the industrial and the fabrics I choose to create and work with must be accurate. And mostly commercial.
So as I sit to work on the pieces. Automatically my personal elections are quite different.
And that's what keeps me flying.
as for the The Deers, I just love them !their production process is long and includes multiple steps,as follow :

First: Choose your fabric (which is actually more inspired choice or topic).First: Choose your fabric (which is actually more inspired choice or topic).

Second: Paste Flizlin hardening fabrics.

Third: Cut all the pieces.

IV: sewing parts, before the ears horns and head and finally sewing the head of his frame.

V: attaching the head including the frame plywood surface.

VI: Paint the frame color that suits me.

VII: Train all the pieces to the frame, eventually covering her left side colored wallpaper.

VIII: embroidering the nose.

IX: places in and camera to record the birth.

Tenth: up post and makes you a acquaintance with it ...

long ha ///////

Now meet Funny :

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