Sunday, July 25, 2010

parallal ways they ever meet .

What I'v been up to all week ? there are so many things running in parallel directions :
One : finishing winter 2010-11 collection , making sure that all will arrive on time … at times all I got to do is pray .
Two : working on summer 2011 collection .
Three : remodeling vintage shelf + 2 small drawers ; been using primer and buttercup color on top of it and then went on it with sand paper over all edges .now all I got left is to find the ultimate drawer pulls to match .(will post with details later )
Four :rug made from jersey string in kind of olive color , using crochet technique . (will post later )
Five : to my cushion line – round quilted cushion made from happy color combination ,,,
Six : printed fabric new line using my daughter Cheyenne almost 6 drawings ,,,,,
Seven : working on Keren – striving to be a better person …. There is always room for improvement …
Lots of things to do ….

Promise to share all with you soon .

1 comment:

  1. just by looking at the subjext of this post, i was filled with curiosity.
    life is on the right track as long as we find our hands endlessly full. BRACHA!
    and regarding seven - your doing a fairly good work. mostly :-)
    love you