Monday, July 19, 2010

Hadarim - winter 2010-11 renuar cattalog day 2

Catalog shooting should be the pick of creation , time to see all the collection at her best .the presenters were changed to Oz zehavi for the Men and Or Grossman for the Women , the story behind it was a couple that meet and there falling in love story ,,,, kind of because over the years I learned that stories like that don’t always come to public understanding , anyways I hope that this time the photos will be good enough so the back story will be negligible ;

Actually it been 6 years now that I'm running renuar men , been ups and downs like at any other position ;but at the end I love doing it ! !!

Of course that I have other dreams and things that I would like to do with myself ,but at the end timing is everything .
I really believe that each dream can be fulfilled dew time.

So dreams can come true it can happen to you …
Have a good week

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