Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy hanukah 2013

Happy Hanukah to y׳all ,
What a wonderful holiday is that ,it is my loved one .since normally at this stage we have some winter around and the atmosphere is high . 
This year we were left with the temper only ,unfortunately it is summer out not even fall , I would like to prey for winter and hope that we will have the rain visiting our small Israel

This month my friend Lian Munin ( placed article about our home in Go style and also on the net ,this is the link :,14539,L-3103488,00.html

We had lots of good happening this week starting with hanukah party at Lori kindergarden then Cheyenne had with her class and Rio got a grand show for excepting the bible .(she is in second grade ) it were pure joy and happiness .

Yesterday the vacation started ,I took a day off and had Cheyenne and Rio friends come over for pompom workshop .
it were a big challenge to work with over 10 kids .
They loved it !! 


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