Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Neon crochet pendent

Happy Independence Day ,Israel is celebrating her 65 birthday .
I wish us all peace love and joy for the years to come .
There is no place I rather be but here :)

This is a project was on my to do list ,my new home at the south of Israel is not yet done ,in his interior .I'm doing my best in working on it ,however such things take time ,now it's the pendent time .
This orange neon crochet pendent was done for my 4.5 year boy Lori .
His room is painted with sky blue color and his bed in grey blue color .
I got a present from Reflectora studio ,by Maayan Ashkenazi ,the hot air ballon wall sticker ,so I put it on each side of the window that dressed with star cotton curtain .
So I has to add the color ,I went for the orange neon cotton yarn ,I have shopped for big scale round pendent ,and that is the result ,
This can be taken out for wash and dressed back on the frame :)
Hope you like it .

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