Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lil sonny Sky

Lisa stubbs is illustrator living in Yorkshire, England .
Lil Sonny Sky is her blog and also the names of her 3 children .
A very talanted women which i adore her work .her way's of looking at things and simplifying it to her most magical drawings .
i'v been following her for long time , unfortunately  i've been too busy and did not read her writings for some time .yesterday i read and come with this really shocking fact that Lisa got breast cancer .my hart stoped for a moment ; i cant explain what exactly went through my mind .
she does not deserve that ' but then again who does ? so sorry to have known that fact ' and so sorry to be so far away , wanted to hold lisa and tell her that i know she is a winner she will come over it .and then something has snaped ,there is no right time to fight this disease.
Lisa i wish i could help with more then just have good people to care for you , most amazing family ; and meny people just like me that care .
please be strong and take each day at a time .
keep doing the things that you love ;they will keep you happy and full .
love from overseas .
Japanese rain

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