Friday, June 17, 2011

catch up with time

It is known that i have this issue with time concept , cant tell why or from where i get it , but i feel almost at any second that time is sliping from my fingers , as for this moment we are spending weekend in Elat .time for the family ,,, at most times it's true .at certain point when a women becomes a mom she kind of had to do things for her kids first and then for her self. most of the time i agree .
however to spent time in the burning sun chaseing after 3 kids is not my idea of quality time . sorry but that's me .

the past 2 weeks been so hectic for me at my day job , finishing winter 2011 collection , prepering all for catalog shotting + working on summer 2012 collection + in stores cureent summer 2011 collection is headding for sale ..... lots and lots but yet under control .
also been participating in Keren Shavit ramot hasavim sale , which was nice indead , met new pepole and some friends that i have not meet for the longest time such as Reli Moonin (Lian's mom) which i adore she is the best lady ever and others ...
the worst was getting ill this week , since we all know that Mother can not get sick .that was hard task to manage an getting bether .
so i hope that the time in the sun will keep feel better , i really wish my self some more enegey ,i need it io have so many things that i plan on doing ,need to maxsimize the time and try to be a better person to  my loved ones .


  1. מזדהה כמובן...כשתמצאי את 'התרופה' תקראי לי...

  2. קרן מתוקה תודה, תודה,אל תתאמצי מידי את אישה מקסימה,ואמא נהדרת,ומניסיון תמיד נראה לנו שאנו לא עושות או נותנות מספיק..אז תרפי מעצמך..נ