Monday, January 17, 2011

Collage - Friday Sale recap

Friday at Keren Shavit was truly a huge experience for me. in a way,that was the first time I ever really sold things that I've made & it was no piece-of-cake. More like a fast mini course.
The atmosphere & vibe were really good and the fellow-artists who participated were kind and welcoming but at the end of that day I met two special women whom I intend to keep in touch with.

One is Mazi Peled with Latika ,so kind and pretty ,the kind of soul that matches mine in a many ways. Her all-natural soaps creations are full of humor,color and scents, it comes to a point that one really feels like taking a bite at it.
The second is Hadar Kaplan with "Manafka mina", A girl who makes my dreams come alive with the extremely beautiful knitted creatures She creates.

In general, the sale was a huge success & then again - A big thank you to Keren Shavit that made it all happen & was greatest host ever.

Thank you Dear for being such a good friend!

Adi Eliav from Peanuts

Hadar Kaplan and Mazi Peled

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