Saturday, December 18, 2010

Letters Crafted

Wooden letters ,felt ,embroidery yarn,wooden buttons and croshet tape
The kind of crafting I love most is when I get to use whatever I have in hand. These wooden letters , for example, were found by my mom and I didn’t know what can be done with them so I put them aside for a while.

Earlier today, as I came across them and thought of the idea of making a craft title using materials such as felt, embroidery threads, wooden buttons & crochet tape. these letters are from the Hebrew alphabet and the only word that I could put together was "Bilbi" which is the Hebrew name given to Pippy Longstocking by Erich Kastner, which is my childhood most favorite movie.

After the crafting work was finished, I got to put the letters together to make two more words: LEV (which means "Heart") & also "Billy" & "Blip".

What do you think?

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