Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday ! Cheyenne turn 6 .

Yesterday my first turn 6 ,
at 9am we had our very first meeting with her school teacher "Oshri" and we get to know that she will be in Alef 2 ,
she were so excited that her Stomach ache all day long ,
6am at the afternoon we got all her friends over  to calebrate her 6 birthday ,
Shlomi Yona was incharge ,
the Theme were pizza ,
alittle history and then real pizza making with the kids , it was a hit ! highly recomended ,
Shlomi is an medic cloune in his Profession .he can work magic with the kids ,at the end of the evening the kids hid his Personal belongings so he could not go home ,,,, figure out how MUCH they loved him !

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