Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off to Turkey

It is This time of the year , cannot put it back any longer had to do it , so here I am traveling to turkey taking direct flight to Istanbul and then to bursa . my main business is to order denim for the current collection and some more denim that should start our next collection , yes winter 2011 , and then visit many fabrics factories to view their new collection , despite the fact that I'm quite set with next collection in woven terms I'm always looking for the next thing ,the next trend in patterns ,stripes ,checks and others …

By the end of a very long day ,my mind had so many things on it ,I'm tiered but happy , I'm all that of a women maybe I'm not a Barbie doll or not a player , in my mind I'm all of that and more ,so pretty happy to call it a night , like that with a smile.

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