Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Name craft painting !

Omrit and Gilad have new baby girl , so I've been thinking of creative present ,

I cannot buy these readymade gifts .each present I give to one of my friend must have meaning and personal touch to it .

So I thought of making name painting , the first one I made was a year ago to Lior Sagit daughter ,I will post that photo later since I did not keep record of it then .

For Avia the wooden lathers were bought from art supplier store so is the canvas , I've drown an it with carandash neo color that work wonderful with small head brush and water ,also striped tape and wooden caw hand painted.
For Asia same instrument only the cotton tape is square pattern and the wooden caw change to cat .the upper pattern is floral made from stamp that I bought from Japan using pigment gold ink.
This one I have made for my Loria when he was just born , here I used fabrics ,cotton embroidered tape ,3d paper stickers

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