Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My back yard plum tree blossoms .

AT my back yard of my small house in Nes-Ziona there are many types of trees they are fifty year old perhaps even more ,because I know for sure that this is the age of the house however maybe the trees were already there so they could be older .
We have lemon tree, pecan tree ,orange tree, persimmon tree, pomegranate tree and plum tree .personally I love the plum tree especially in spring he has such a splendid gorgeous blossoms .

The back yard is my favorite place in the house it is alive and changing full of activity birds nesting ,Sukie the dog is playing ,Rami the cat is lying in the sun most of the day. We have wooden play house, Ofer and I built for the kids which they adore and enjoy playing with .This is my magic garden.

Picture of Plum Tree Enjoy.

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