Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rami - mami

My dear Rami he is so sweet this cat , the kids have composed a song just for him
In English it not sound the best sorry :

רמי רמי כזה חתול ממי "

אתה כזה חמודי אתה כזה שובב"

Since Kabuki left us to a better world , he remain a lone , yes he has SUKI the dog with him ; but he is picking on him and Not playing nice at all , I fill so sorry they probable have different ways to deal with grief ;

If I could only know how to talk cat language .i'm sure we could have helped each other .

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  1. אכן חתול ממי
    והאף שלו - לאכילה!!! מהמם קטן