Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kabuki 2000-2009

Black fur big green eyes full with love , at 9 she could talk play and give and get lots of love ...

Rami and kabuki came just for a visit and end up staying with ofer and i ,then the kids came ,,, she been good all the way always ,

loved to sleep inside the closet , on top of tami 4 , above t-v in general all places that were worm including me .(at night i would call her wa-wa and she came to cattle with me and slept like a baby at times she snore but ho well how care when having such a warmth , her head would pop out of the blanket just like me )

she was magical , my best friend ...

all of us miss her already ,,, i hope shes in a good place looking done at us :)

i wish she could have stayed a bit longer .... :(


  1. Such beautiful photos - of a precious cat. at least it looks she had a wonderful like with the Gillan Clan.
    Rest In Peace Kabuki.

  2. איזה תמונות!מצטערת לשמוע על קבוקי.אנחנו גם נפרדנו לפני שבועיים מאושי בת ה16.