Monday, October 19, 2009

no place like LONDON .

What can one say about this city ?
amazing dream land city which all about her is grand … it is without doubt my favorite .
best place to shop eat and etch …. I don’t get to the etch … part since I'm worn out at the end of the day from all the stores and the shopping , I get to visit every 6 months or so and each time there are new shops that open just like mushroom…
I love it , windows display are art they keep you dream and lift your spirit high …
The exhibition that this town has to offer one can be dazzle by all that .. this time I attend to three of them
Tate gallery – Pop life
A&V – the Maharaja
Nature fantasy
The inspiration is unlimited ….so much talent is there in the world so much beauty …
The photos attached made by Eran Evan … thanks ,,,, photos : more than words can say .

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  1. תהיתי לאן נעלמת ותיארתי לעצמי שזה הזמן בשנה שהציפורים נודדות...